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A Pathway to Healing draws on the unique talents of several practitioners, each of whom approaches the body-mind-spirit respectfully and through the broad perspectives of naturopathy, homeopathy, energy medicine, and the Sahaptan Healing Way of the Nemenhah People.


When selecting your Nemenhah healer, make sure your choice reflects the nature of your illness.  Below, we've provided some basic descriptions of our practitioners' credentials to make sure you receive the best possible care:

  • Tiwehkt Pehli (Twkt.Pehli) are Vocational Ministers within the Nemenhah Church who have dedicated themselves to a specific ceremony of healing such as Ehlahts Kohwaht Payihts, Ehlahts Kohwaht Schnelle Technique, Sacred Vibrations Ministry, and etc. 

  • Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT) are practitioners who have been certified and licensed in the State of Missouri to provide temporary relief of stress related pain and tension through fundamental massage and general bodywork.  Sometimes just a little stress release from a good old fashioned massage can make all the difference during the work week! Give us a call to schedule with one of our qualidied LMT's.

If you need help knowing which of the services listed below is relevant to your condition, please use the Contact Us page above.

Subtle Myofascial Release

For release of subtle myofascial adhesions and stress.


Whether it's fundamental bodywork or more advanced Sacred Therapeutics, Dave or one of his in-house Associates has you covered!

Our Holistic Practitioners

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