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David Schnelle,

Nemenhah Member and Medicine Man

The Modalities of Healing Practiced by

David Schnelle, Tiwehkt Pehli, C.M.T.


Ehlahts Kohwaht: Schnelle Technique  

Another important aspect of Schnelle’s intuitive body work, myofascial release frees restrictions in tissues—whether muscular, connective, or neurological. This freeing allows for greater freedom of movement, restores proper organ/system functioning, and releases “trapped” emotions and/or traumatic memories. (Remember that the Nemenhah Way treats the whole person in body, mind, and spirit.) 


Meridian Therapy. 

Known in Eastern medicine as acupressure and reflexology, meridian therapy restores

the proper flow of energy (conventionally called qi) by unblocking various energy points throughout the body. (The body surface presents a “map” of energy points, many of

which connect to specific organs and systemic functions. An intuitive body worker

can heal organic conditions by means of this powerful ancient, and yet

scientifically-verified, modality.)


Vibrational Therapy.  

The intuitive body worker understands that the body-mind-spirit unity is an energetic unity, of which one aspect is material while another aspect is vibrational. Life is vibrational; the universe itself pulses, sending electromagnetic waves throughout intergalactic space. The human body, too, pulses vibrationally and responds to vibrations of various sorts. Because illness affects our bodily vibrations, healing energies can take the form of healing vibrations. At A Pathway to Healing, we use state-of-the-art sound systems that project music in its various healing tonalities. We also rely on the Nemenhah traditions of sacred sound, rhythm, and pitch: chanting, drumming, and ceremonial dancing serve to bring body, mind, and spirit together vibrationally.

Founder and Medicine Man


As the founder of A Pathway to Healing, David Schnelle has been adopted as an official Nemenhah Member and Medicine Man. As such, he recognizes that each aspiring practitioner possesses unique talents for healing, and that each cultural tradition contributes to the collective wisdom repre-sented by the Nemenhah Way. 



Thus, A Pathway to Healing embraces the many practices that contribute to wellness of body, mind, and spirit. So, as a center for healing, A Pathway draws on the unique talents (and underlying world traditions) of

several practitioners, each of whom 

approaches the body-mind-spirit 

respectfully and through the broad perspectives of naturopathy, homeopathy, and energy medicine.

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